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Welcome to Affiliate Wealth website. The purpose of this website is to encourage people to start using affiliate marketing for generating income on the internet. Some products and services resonate with your passion, skill, talent, or gift and surely your passion, skill, talent, or gift can be converted into services or products and generate income to make a living and much more. Besides, selling is one of the skills that every person should master to survive in life. This is what we do every day and sometimes without noticing and knowing that we are doing it anyway. Before we go any further, let us understand what selling or marketing is. Marketing is the “action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. There are many types of marketing and include traditional marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, network marketing, multilevel marketing, referral marketing, and affiliate marketing, which is the focus of Affiliate Wealth.

My Story

Let me share my story concerning marketing and selling. I’m a qualified teacher and engineer with more than 30 years of teaching, working as an engineer, and as a marketer. I started selling very early in my primary school days. My father would bring lots of sweets every month-end and these would sometimes accumulate as we would not eat all of them within a month. One day I decided to take some to school to share with my friends but just before break one of my classmates saw the bag of sweets and asked me “How much are the sweets?”. My business started there and thereafter calling out a price from my head with no prior planning. It was a sold-out affair and I brought more every day and asked my father to bring more sweets every month end.

Since then I’ve never stopped selling. At tertiary I sold different types of bags to the local community, as a teacher I bought and sold blankets, shirts to colleague teachers at our school, wall posters to students at university residences, and later in the years joined network marketing business opportunities. I became a top seller and earner in 3 to 5 of the 30 that I joined for about 20 years from 1995 to 2015.

I am still selling even today. Mathematics is one of my passions and has been tutoring mathematics since 1987 and have never stopped. In 2010, I decided to monetize my ‘love for math’, by compiling and selling study guides from high school students, hosted tutorial sessions for individuals and groups, and offered motivational talks to local schools. With consistent selling of consumable products or products that have a high purchase frequency, you’ll always have cash and can never go without a meal for the day. Al it needs is courage, determination, and love for what you do. The problem started when what we now know as scams, pies-in-the-skies, HYIP, or Ponzi schemes where I lost lots of money instead of making money.

Now I am back to the basics, selling, or marketing real business products and services. I’m done with gambling with my hard-earned money. Selling real products and earning real income is a real business. In 2012, I learned about online marketing and was very keen to know how to generate income from the internet. At first, it was very complicated to comprehend but I tried different programs, spent time and money, lost some, and made a few cents. It was an on-and-off thing as I would more often give up for various reasons but now I am ready to go all out and learn Online Business and Affiliate Marketing from the first principle.

Why I Want To Help People

The purpose of any business is primarily to serve and not to run after money. The more you run after money the more the money runs away from you. Many people, in the process of wanting to make money they lose money. Making money is from providing solutions to everyday living, filling the gaps in life, identifying the needs, and providing products or services. This works well when your business is centered around your passion, gifts, skill, qualification, passion, or what you enjoy doing most.

Every time I get something of value I think of other people. I believe in the business of helping other people. This is the whole duty of man – to serve and help others, to simplify life for others, and be a good steward. This way, you can be rich beyond your imagination. I would like to master the art of selling both offline and online. So far I’ve mastered, to a certain extent, the art of selling offline and now it’s time to learn to master the online way of selling not only to local clients but anywhere in the world.

I aim to teach and mentor people into using the internet to generate income specifically from affiliate marketing and other online marketing methods. Affiliate marketing is easy because you don’t have to create a product or service of your own. You can simply tap into the existing product or service of any company or business and earn commissions from your converted referrals. The opportunity is big and there are thousands of services and products you can choose from ranging from low priced to high priced, once-off to regular income, tangible products, and good services, local and international, etc.

The affiliate marketing process is simple: You get customers to your website, they buy the products and then you get paid, or as an affiliate partner or publisher you promote the products, consumer, or customer purchase the product and the retailer or merchant pays you a commission. There are 3 major key stakeholders: merchant, publisher, and customer. My focus will be to unpack all the elements that have to do with the affiliate marketing process, present them in a systematic, logical, and simple way for beginners to understand and appreciate. Alternatively, write regularly about affiliate marketing and recommend programs that people can use to learn online business. 

The Goal of My Site

The goal of my website is to promote affiliate marketing education and programs. Initially, it will recommend good programs that have been around for years when many people are subscribed and succeed. It will publish, regularly, articles that touch on various elements of successful affiliate marketing. It will cover topics such as the domain, website, landing page, SEO, online traffic, niche market, etc.

I will use the site to promote various helpful programs and tools that can help people learn affiliate marketing and succeed. People must indeed appreciate that indeed there’s no formula for get-rich-quick schemes. Medical doctors study up to 7 years and engineers study for up to 4 years. Commercial pilots must first accumulate hundreds of hours which may take years before they can fly big passenger planes. Similarly, with an online business or affiliate marketing, one needs time that can be months or more than a year before they can start seeing solid results.

Education is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university” and with my “enlightened experience”, after learning all the ropes of affiliate marketing, through the site I will be able to coach others into a successful affiliate marketing. To succeed in affiliate marketing one must: love what they do, learn all the steps thoroughly, learn from others, have strong product knowledge, be consistent, have a plan, know your niche, take action – start! build a support team and stay active.

All the best,

Mos Maja

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