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Selling is one of the skills that everybody should have, to make a living or supplement any other form of making a living that is used. As human beings, we are natural sellers, marketers, promoters, or advertisers of various products and services and sometimes without noticing it. By looking for a job or attending an interview you are selling. By proposing a boy or a girl to be your partner in a relationship you are selling. Recommending a product or service that you’ve just acquired, used, and liked you are selling. Influencing the direction of a child to do something you are selling.

With selling you’d never go hungry. All it needs is courage and overcoming the fear of what people will say about you, or overcoming the fear of rejection or embarrassment. Mastering the art of selling is all we need to achieve anything we want in life. With it, you’d never lack the basics and can even write your cheques enough to live the life you’ve always dreamed about, the life and future you’ve seen only on TV. In simple terms, selling is getting things your way, getting what you want when you want it. It is far more than the academic definition as we know it today. Mastering the art of selling products online can be all you ever wanted to make a great living.

This article is about how to make money with affiliate marketing online. Firstly, it is important to understand and appreciate what affiliate marketing is and how it differs from other types of marketing. Secondly, it is to have an idea of how you can start making money or generating income. This is very important because people expect to make money quickly and when it does not come they give up and conclude that whatever they are using does not work. Expectations must be managed by not promising people what is not possible. Methods of making money online will be discussed here and the reader will have an idea of how to generate income with affiliate marketing online.

Selling vs Marketing

Selling is exchanging something of value for money. This could be a product (tangible) or service (non-tangible). Examples of products are clothes, fruits, bread, etc and the example of services are education, consulting, mobile communication, etc. marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services and it includes elements such as market research, advertising, and more. Selling is, therefore, an activity within the process of marketing. Selling is an action that converts the products into cash, but marketing is the process of meeting and satisfying the needs of a customer. Marketing consists of all the elements that are associated with product planning, pricing, promoting, and distributing the product or service. Simply put, selling focuses on the seller’s needs whereas marketing concentrates on the needs of the buyer.

Types of Income in Business

There are many types of income in business but these can be generally be categorized into 3:

  • Active income: Typically from employment or doing something like selling products
  • or services online or offline.
  • Passive income: Typically from a fixed asset such as property where you get rental income every month.
  • Portfolio income: Typically from appreciating assets such as a portfolio of shares, bonds, exchange-traded funds, unit trusts, money markets, gold, and the likes.

It is possible to generate any of the above or the combination thereof from an online business or affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be defined as the process of earning a commission by promoting or advertising other people’s or company’s products or services, where you find a product or a service you like, promote

it and then get paid a commission for each successful sale that came through your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing has 3 main components to it:

  1. Business, product or service owner
  2. Affiliate marketer, promoter or advertiser
  3. Customer or client

The affiliate marketer is more of a middleman that connects the seller and the buyer. In this case, the seller is the business owner, product or service creator, manufacturer, supplier of the store owner. As an affiliate, you must first choose the product you want to promote and identify the market where customers will be sourced or come from.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has many benefits and here are some of them:

  • There are many businesses with products and services and all they look for are affiliates.
  • Work from home or from anywhere as long as you have your laptop and internet connectivity.
  • You don’t need to have customer support because that’s for the merchant.
  • It is cost-effective as you don’t need big capital outlay and can run with minimum costs and grow with time.
  • It is convenient and flexible because you can work anytime, anywhere to sell any products of your choice.
  • It is performance-based – the more you sell the more income or money you’ll make.
  • You are your boss and can, therefore, write your cheque every month.

How to Generate Income

There are no quick and short cuts in generating income online as an affiliate marketer or as any other form of the marketer. Passion, patient, focus, commitment, determination, and dedication are the keys to success. Every step in the process of creating a sound online business or affiliate marketing business must be followed diligently.

Here are some elements to look at as crucial steps to follow in building a good income generating affiliate marketing business:

  1. The product or service to be promoted.
  2. The domain name of your website.
  3. The domain host for your website.
  4. The niche market.
  5. The own website with content.
  6. The capture page – to build a growing list of potential clients that can be followed-up.
  7. The list of potential clients.
  8. The advertising platform.
  9. The traffic to your website.
  10. The merchant’s website, product, or service.


I started selling when I was doing grade 2 and since then I’ve never stopped. This happened ‘accidentally’ when I decided to carry the whole bag of sweets to school. These were sweets that my father would bring every month-end when he comes home from work. The aim was to give or share them with friends during break. On that great day, just before the school lunch break, my classmate sitting next to me saw them and asked: “how much are the sweets?”. I quickly responded with a price, something that I never planned before. He immediately showed interest and offered to buy a few of them. That day I went home with my school bag full of not only books this time around but coin money as well. It was the beginning of my selling career or business that continued from primary school through to high school, tertiary, as a teacher and till today as a qualified engineer, executive director, and managing director of an investment company and a distribution company respectively.

For more than 40 years I’ve been selling mainly offline using traditional ways of selling, promoting, and advertising products. These include door-to-door, newspaper adverts, pamphlets, boards, word of mouth, referral marketing, direct selling, network marketing, multi-level marketing, and many other methods. I have a passion for investing in appreciating assets especially shares or stocks in the form of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), common stocks (ordinary shares), and also for tutoring mathematics for primary, high school, and university students. These are what I’m passionate about and that makes it THREE: 1. Mathematics, 2. Shares and 3. Selling. I have now decided to learn and master the art of selling products and services online through Affiliate Marketing and generate active income that can, in turn, be invested for passive income and portfolio income. My name is MOS and M stands for Mathematics, O for Online Business, and S for Shares. Anybody can learn, do, and master affiliate marketing. No need for a college or university qualification but 5 Ds: Desire, Dedication, Determination, Discipline, and Decision-Making.

With affiliate marketing, I will not only help many businesses to make sales but also to help others learn and set up their affiliate marketing businesses.


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Do you know that currently, the affiliate marketing industry is worth more than 6 billion dollars? Have you ever wanted to earn money online? You would be surprised to know that Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most scalable ways to make an online money-making machine.

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