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Many people are still wondering if indeed they can make money online. They think that anything that has to do with the Internet is for IT guys who study programming and all sort of complicated staff at college or university. They have switched off to the idea that they too can make money on the internet. In this article, we focus mainly on how to earn money online in South Africa. There are many ways of making money online but like in building a house what is critically important is the foundation. Here also, we look at the basics necessary as building blocks of the strong foundation.

Start and Finish an Online Course

If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance. Education is power but applied education is even more powerful. Lack of knowledge is dangerous. Like in any game online business has rules and if you rush into playing the game without knowing and understanding the rule’s chances are you will lose or get disqualified. Many people get discouraged and give up because they skipped this important step of first educating themselves. Identify a course that you can start and finish. Some are free and some are paid for. Be careful not to cut corners by wasting money on educational programs that promise quick success. Take your time, be patient, and get a reputable course that stretched over a reasonable period. Reasonable would be anything from 3 to 5 months if we talk short term, 6 to 24 months if we talk medium term and 3 to 5 years if we talk long term. There is so much to learn in online business, both theory, and technical principles. Implementation is another step where you now demonstrate the ability to do it yourself and know how to make things work.

Purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Once you have completed the course as explained above decide on the type of business you want to build the website for. With these, you will be able to select an appropriate domain name. The domain can be based on your name such as It can also be a name that is associated with the type of business you want to use the website for such as if you plan to write about home garden-related topics, promote home garden ebooks or products. It can also be something like if you are in the tourism industry. Whatever it is, let it be something that resonates with who you are, your interests or hobbies, skill, qualification, gift, or talent. This domain name must then be hosted because it cannot just be a hanging standalone. Most of the service providers offer both domain name generation and website hosting facility. Take advantage of this because it can be less costly. Remember, as much as both education and services or products cost money, you still need to ensure that cost is minimized and profits are maximized. This is a business. The domain name is a once-off purchase and web hosting has an annual fee.

Build Your Website

Now you have the domain name and the web hosting services. The next step is to build your website. The website can be build from what can be referred to as the first principle by using programming code or can be done using a template where you simply type articles and insert pictures as in a word processor. Once again, many service providers are offering these tools. Check them and select the one that you like or suit your business strategy and objectives. If the domain name is a house plan, web hosting is the physical place or address where the house is going to build and the website is the actual house that must be built according to the plan specifications at the right place. The website, as you may have seen by now when you look at other websites, may have different pages with main menus and sub-menus. Over and above there is content in a form of written text, inserted pictures, videos, adverts, links, and many other things. The menus and text are called content are this are fittings and the furniture in the house (website). The pages may typically be Home, About Us, Products, Blog, Gallery, Contacts, etc. It can be any number of posts or pages and that will depend on the type of your business. 

Write Regular Articles

Like a shop in a busy area like the main busy street, bus or taxi rank, train station, or at the mall, the website must be positioned such that it can have traffic. It should not be a standalone shop in the middle of nowhere otherwise it will not serve its purpose of making money online. One way of driving traffic to the website is through writing regular articles. This can be weekly or monthly or and when it is necessary. These articles, for them to be effective in doing the job of attracting or drawing traffic, must be informative, educational, interesting, niche-targeted with appropriate and relevant pictures, diagrams, videos, banners, posters, and search engine optimization. By writing these articles, also referred to as blogging, will make you be seen as an expert, authority in the subject, or be trusted by the readers or website visitors. Some techniques can be employed to make your website rank high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Decide on Products to Promote

There are many ways of making money in South Africa on the Internet using your website. Many companies have referral business opportunities where you can join as an affiliate to facilitate sales and earn a commission. These are from all sectors of business, insurance, cars, food, retail, loans, education, etc. The product selection will be based on the type of business you are running. For instance, you cannot register a butchery and start selling meat and flowers. Be relevant and consistent with what you are as a business. Product or service knowledge will also help you target the right market or groups of people. Identification of the niche market is one of the most important steps in the online marketing business or affiliate marketing. You can join any affiliate program or identify businesses that have referral marketing business opportunities and put them on your website. Consistency in writing articles about the products, advertising on social media, email, WhatsApp, SMS, and other platforms can help you derive the traffic to your website. Build your list of potential clients, connect with them regularly, interact, and share with them valuable information. This will help you convert them into purchasing clients and this way you can also make money online in South Africa or anywhere in the world.

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