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There are many ways of making money on the internet. The advantage of this is that all you need is primarily a laptop, internet connectivity, and online business knowledge. With these, you can make both active and passive income. One of the most common ways is affiliate marketing where you make money with affiliate programs.

Many people all over the world earn five, six, and even up to seven-figure income from this alone. In this post, we look at affiliate marketing together with its building blocks which are merchants, affiliates, networks, programs, products, and how these can bring you income in a form of a referral commission, actively (once-off), or passively (continuously).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting a merchant’s’ product, find a buyer, and earn a commission. To do this all you need is to join an affiliate network and select products that you want to promote from an affiliate program. Select products that you understand and can talk about or write about. It’s posting of web links that would drive traffic to the website that has products that are being promoted.

Knowledge and its application is one of the most important keys in this game. One of the best compiled books I have read in the field of affiliate marketing is the 222-page Super Affiliate handbook. It covers the basics of what is needed to build an online business.It covers the following:

  1. Introduction to affiliate marketing
  2. Market research
  3. Website building
  4. Content creation
  5. Making money
  6. Managing, evaluating and growing your business and much more.
  • Book: Super Affiliate Handbook
  • Price: $35 / R650
  • Cheaper Place to purchase the book:
  • Size: 222 pages
  • Guarantee: 56-day Risk Free Money back guarantee
  • My rating: 9/10

Super Affiliate Handbook is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course stocked by libraries and used in Universities and Colleges eCommerce courses. It’s been used since 2003 and was last updates in 2019. In this book the author is sharing with readers how he made more than $436,797 ( > R7 million) in one year selling other people’s products online.


Affiliates are promoters or marketers who facilitate a sale by connecting the seller and the buyer. The seller is the product owner or developer (merchant) and the buyer is the client. There are different types of affiliates and here are the 10 common categories:

  1. Web-Stars: Builders of the websites.
  2. Bloggers: Writers of educative and informative articles.
  3. Reviewers: Assessors of products and services.
  4. Emailers: Collectors of email addresses to build a list.
  5. Advertisers: Promoters of products or services.
  6. Partners: Associates that team up with others to add value.
  7. Influencers: People with a huge following.
  8. Reporters: Journalists who broadcast the news.
  9. Shoppers: Quality sensitive buyers.
  10. Couponers: Identifiers and searchers or product discounts and 


Merchants are business and product owners and in the case of affiliate marketing, they make available an opportunity to others promote their products in exchange for rewards such as referral commissions. There are many companies, businesses, and individuals out there that offer affiliate marketing opportunities. These companies are from all sectors of the economy such as health, clothing, food, information technology, finance, insurance, education, travel, etc. All it takes is to search for the companies with an affiliate program and have products that you want to promote. Some offer this affiliate marketing opportunity internationally, others only locally, and the rest in several selected countries. All these are searchable online and should be easily reachable if indeed they have a good affiliate marketing program.giveaways.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are online platforms with a group of companies that are looking to acquire new customers through their paid affiliate members for sales leads that they provide. Here is the list of some commonly known affiliate networks:

  • Clickbank,
  • Commission Junction,
  • JVZoo,
  • ShareAsale,
  • Rakuten,
  • Awin,
  • etc.

There are so many others, big and small, popular and not so popular, local and international, with digital or physical products, and in all these categories an affiliate can find products and services to promote and generate affiliate marketing money, actively or passively.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs also referred to associate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant pays the affiliate a commission to send traffic to their websites. Every company that offers a commission to people that are referring clients to their website for sale-leads as an affiliate, will have an affiliate program and this will normally appear in one of the website menus. People wishing to promote any of the company’s products would then join the affiliate program and once accepted or approved, they can start promoting.

Affiliate Products

These are products that are found on the affiliate programs or websites of merchants. Merchants and/or their products can also be registered to be part of the affiliate network such as the ones discussed above under affiliate networks. Products can be selected based on the interest the affiliate has, the popularity of the product, percentage commission that is paid per sale, benefits of the products, product characteristics, purchase frequency rate, etc.

Active and Passive Income

In affiliate marketing, just like in traditional marketing, there are different types of incomes:

Active income requires an affiliate to do some work to earn and it’s typically once-off. It stops when you also stop working.

Passive income, on the other hand, you work once and continue to earn monthly or every time your leads buy the products of the same merchants that you referred them to. This is typically monthly subscriptions, upsells, and reorders.

There are great opportunities in both these categories and as an affiliate, you must take advantage of them.

To succeed in creating passive income and active income you first need the know-how in online business, website, or links to promote and the technology gadgets like a computer with internet connectivity (WiFi & data). Be patient, start small, step by step, and grow your income. It’s not a get-rich-quick but with good training, consistency, discipline, and commitment you can well be on your way to making a living from affiliate marketing.

Get your copy of the affiliate marketing handbook, learn a new skill, start your online business and generate passive income.

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